Thursday, November 5, 2009

My motto !

Cards today means very little to people. lol if i ask what do you think of the word cards, most people will say gambling, magic !

Today ill show you something cool and what does cards really mean to magicians and floursihes





History lesson :)

1.Sherman or Benzhuzhu:
I started magic one and a half year ago
started flourishing around 4 mnths
a fan of dan and dave
but do any kind of flourishes that suits my hand
saw a fren doing a card trick on airplaine
got me so interested and started asking around where is the magic shop
few mnths later
i found the magic shop, realising it was too expansive all i could get was a normal bicycle deck
that's when i slowly learn from youtube and stuff.

i have interest in magic even before i got into it...
i used to buy svengali deck but havent had the chance to use it
until i forgot about it..
after how many years...
i think 2 years
a friend came to me..
then he did a trick for me..
the first trick he did was bad habit
by dm
i was so amzed..
then he did the ambitous card routine..
and it was amazing
after that..
i asked him how he did that
but yeah..
he didnt tel me...
until i think he was pissed off
coz i was like asking him for 3-4 days
then he didnt tell me
but suggested to buy dvd.. and a deck of bicycle cards
so we went to this magic shop in manila..
first dvd i bought was.. ninja 2
by brad christian..
from there i learned my first double lifting
but it was so difficult for me
but i keep on practicing..
then i started to get interested on different techniques..
like the bluff pass...
and started to buy dvds
thats why i have a lot of dvds
then i did my first trick in the office
i didnt screwed up
after like 3mos
my friend again
was doing this crazy thing in cards...
its flourishing
first.. im not really interested in it
i said..
ill stick on doing card tricks...
but 1 day.. i saw daniel madisons flourish..
from his video madness
i bought it
first flourish i learned..
and took me 3 mos to master..
the alpha dog...
from there..
i started doing and liking flourisihng
and then.. i had lethal dvd..
then dangerous motion
so i was very keen to master mayhem..
coz dm said
it was the very difficult flourish in his motion dvd
so i set a time line for me
took me 1 month to master mayhem..
and the rest is his other flourishes...
so yeah..
til now..
i achieved my goal to master most of DMs flourishes.. even his moves and body movements
practicing 4 hours every night
2hours in the morning
im always holding a deck of cards...
so yeah
thats it
Adam Cut

Today :)

Hey guys went to magic hall today , i bought 2 bikes 2 tallys lol. spent around 20 plus :) slack around there with arthur had some cool conversations :) cracked a few jokes together. And we suddenly talk about tattoos lol :) didnt know that he had a big tattoo on his back lol !!!!
Left aroung 3 plus . was a fun afternoon :)

Jerry Nuggets

Been thinking of jerry nuggets, if they are worth it or not ??? dan and dave are maniacs man ! they have jerrys in every damn video of theirs ! 200 for a deck of cards ? i dunno hope to hear ur opinions :)


Hello:) A brief introduction about me:) I'm Adam Cut i am from Singapore.I spent 6 and a half year in France. I started magic and flourishing about 3 years ago,i did not start magic when i was in France.I was amazed when my cousin showed me my first trick. From then on i decided to start magic. After awhile i found out something real nice it was called Card Flourishing or to some some of us its called XCM(XtremeCardManipulation). And since that day i was glued to flourishing. :)